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Interior Painting

Refresh the inside of your living space or business place by hiring us to redo it for you.  Whether you are selling your home or buying one, get a new coat of paint that's just right for you.  Have piece of mind knowing we have the expertise to help you achieve the best paint job that you and your home deserves.

Video Walk-through of our Work



What To Expect

✓ Furniture is moved from painting areas

✓ Floors and furnishings are covered in protective covers

✓ If needed, walls and ceilings are covered and protected

✓ Hardware like door handles and outlet covers will be covered and protected

✓ If base boards are painted, carpets and floors will be covered and protected

Customers Job

✓ Remove pictures from walls

✓ Remove table lamps

✓ Remove any accessories from tables or shelves

✓ Remove items from closets

✓ Remove contents from cabinets if cabinets are to be painted

✓ Remove rugs, towels and accessories from bathrooms

✓ Unplug everything from any outlets

✓ Alarm systems should all be deactivated

✓ Pets should have proper moving arrangements before job is to begin

Some of Our Work

Still uncertain?  Check out some of our previous work we have done and ask us some questions!  We are here to help

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